A Guide by Injury Lawyer in Oakville on Understanding Letters of Protection

Letters of Protection (LoPs) are letters that an Injury Lawyer in Oakville will send on behalf of an injured person to a medical professional. The motivation behind these lawyers is to guarantee payment for obtaining medical services. Essentially, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, a workplace accident, a trip, and fall accident, or for any other reason, and you don’t have the resources to cover your medical expenses, your injury attorney can write a letter to a medical professional claiming that all expenses will be deducted from the future lawsuit settlement. Whether a hospital or a medical professional accepts the Letter of Protection depends on various factors. Here’s a brief guide.
Can Letters of Protection Help Workplace Injury Victims?
A letter of protection written by an Injury Attorney in Oakville should technically allow an injured party to access the medical services they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. The letter serves as a pact to pay for the medical services directly out of future settlement amounts. However, when people get injured at work, insurance companies start playing the blame game, getting the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance policies involved in the discussions. That’s why determining financial liability for work-related injuries is always a challenging process. So, victims of on-the job-injuries may have a tougher time getting their Letter of Protection approved by a medical professional or institution.
Can Letters of Protection Help Car Accident Victims
The use of Letters of Protection is the most common in car accident lawsuits. That’s because car accident injury victims are taken to emergency rooms on very short notice. Before the victims are able to arrange the funds for the medical treatment or sort out a deal with their insurance companies, they are hit with long medical bills asking them to pay the balance as quickly as possible. When insurance agencies start arguing over who needs to pay the bills, an Injury Lawyer in Oakville may provide temporary relief to the injury victims by drafting Letters of Protection on their behalf. In car accident cases, these letters are slightly more effective at keeping creditors off the victims’ back.
The Legal Value of Letters of Protection
Is an injury victim legally bound to the Letter of Protection created by his/her Injury Attorney in Oakville? Yes, these letters are legally binding contracts between the injury victims, the attorneys, and the healthcare providers. If an injury victim wins his/her injury claim, they’ll have to share a percentage of the settlement (the medical fees) with the healthcare providers. If not, the Letter of Protection will legally compel the injury victim to repay the debt to the medical professionals in some other way. Since these letters are legally binding contracts, injury victims are advised not to write them on their own. Writing such letters with the aid of experienced injury attorneys is the appropriate move.
Potential Disadvantages of Using Letters of Protection
Technically, there’s nothing wrong with Letters of Protection. If these letters allow injured victims to receive necessary medical care, what’s wrong with them? Well, some insurers try to use these letters against the injury victims, claiming the testimonies from the medical professionals are biased because of their connection with the Letter of Protection. However, experienced attorneys never allow savvy insurers to use this approach.