Seeking Compensation after Traffic Citation with Injury Attorney in Huntsville

In some crashes the fault of one of the drivers is clear and the other person is blameless as the injury attorney in Huntsville finds. In many crash situations both the drivers have some degree of blame. One such situation is when both the drivers receive traffic citations. Discuss your situation with the lawyer to determine the best way to pursue the situation. There is a way to get compensation even after receiving the citation.

When you get a citation for speeding for example it is safe to say that you have some degree of fault for the event. In the comparative negligence situation, you receive compensation reduced proportionately to the fault percentage. For example, a driver with 20% fault will receive the damages after a 20% reduction. In a regular situation, though the drivers receive compensation irrespective of the fault percentage. When your fault is serious it may not be possible to get any damages. Other traffic citation types that reduce the compensation received include failure to yield, distracted driving, not maintaining the lane. 

Other reasons according to the injury attorney in Cornwall include failure to stop completely at the stop sign and following other cars too closely. Then there are other citation types that do not have any effect on the claim so knowing about them is important too. One involving broken taillights is not important when it comes to seeking compensation. This is especially when it is a side or head-on collision and not from the back. A rear-ended vehicle would have prevented the accident with a functional taillight as the injury attorney in Leamington says. 

Then citation, because you failed to wear the seat belt, affects the claim. The severity of the injuries would have been less otherwise when the crash happened. The attorney can help you counter such defenses by the insurer. Such defense from the insurance company does not hold in the court as they hold that the defendant should take the plaintiff just the way they are. Other issues get you citation like the presence of broken headlights, no insurance proof, missing rearview or side mirrors, not displaying the license plate properly. Often such infractions do not have anything to do with the crash as the injury attorney in Huntsville says. 

The insurer may say that this indicates careless behavior but unless this was a factor in the accident, this is irrelevant to the claim. The attorney counters the attempts of the insurer to devalue or deny the claim. Just because you got the traffic citation does not prove your fault for the accident.