Will Injury Lawyer in Collingwood Tell You when the Insurance Company Breaks the Law? 

When you file compensation claims after a car accident, you should know that the insurers try everything possible to not pay you anything. However, with the injury lawyer in Collingwood helping you, the insurance company will find it difficult to cheat and use illegal means to justify denying your claim. Policyholders often face delays, misleading statements, and unnecessary paperwork and often do not even know why the company denied your claim. The law prohibits the insurers from acting against the law and bad faith strategies are illegal as the injury lawyer tells their clients. 

Know whether the company is not acting the way it should, when handling your claim by discussing your situation with the lawyer. Upon purchasing a policy, the driver enters a contract where the insurer agrees to pay the claimant for any genuine claims. This would cover the damages resulting from the accident. Crash victims often file liability claims against the insurance policy of the driver at fault. Another name for this is the third-party claim. The law demands that the insurer acts in a good faith and pays the damages as the injury lawyer in Sarnia explains. 

Good faith here signifies fair treatment and it is up to the insurance company to resolve everything promptly without creating any unreasonable delays and answer the questions of the claimants. The law related to unfair settlement practices prohibits any bad faith strategy. This includes the following, 

  • Misrepresentation of the policy terms 
  • Not explaining the settlement offer 
  • Misinterpretation of case facts 
  • Not settling even with a reasonably clear liability 
  • Unreasonable claim denying 
  • Concealing evidence 
  • Unreasonably low settlement when company’s ads promise otherwise 
  • Not investigating within 30 days of claim filing 

Often the claimant does not know what to do even when they realize that the insurer works in bad faith. Consulting with the injury lawyer in North Bay is most important as they make strategies, plan the next moves. Bad faith is a ploy to make money from your miseries and the insurer does not want to pay the deserved compensation amounts. Their aim is to delay things as much as possible and pressure you to take their low offer. Delaying settlement makes the time run out on the statute of limitation and after this, they do not have to pay anything. 

They want to give you minimal possible time to file lawsuits so they may deny the claim and make an unacceptably low offer to buy time. The injury lawyer in Collingwood understands the strategies used by the insurers very well so take measures to protect your rights. The attorney decides whether it is time for a bad faith claim. Once a lawyer is on board, the insurer may pay up the claim amounts without wasting any more time.